Picture: Castro & Janet

I am a skeptic but extensively liberal in the face of my skepticism—-and therefore for the few hours when Ghanaian musician-Castro De Destroyer was reported missing two years ago, I held on the positive human belief that he would be found, alive.

But my skepticism fully shifted to the other side when various charlatans claiming to have some celestial and spiritual powers started talking—-claiming the musician and Janet Bandu, rumoured to be Castro’s girlfriend had been kidnapped by a marine spirit, locally called Maame Water.

From there, the congenital stupidity of our generation took shape; with several radio and TV stations giving air time to all manner of spiritual racketeers. And GTV  documented some of the absurd yet plausible to many at the time talks, that Castro was still alive under the water, being prepared to marry a marine goddess.

It wasn’t just empty claims—reports at the time said certain family members of Castro and Janet even went to consult with some of these charlatans who sold their services to them on radio, hoping they would be able to bring back their lost ones.

The families were desperate and to some extent, they can be pardoned for giving credence to these fraudsters who are all over Ghana—-claiming to have some connections with the world of spirits and able to majestically bargain down there for human beings.

It’s two years since our credulity was exposed by the fact that many of us in fact believed in some of the drunk-words of these people who we ready to spiritually dive under the water and bring us Castro after days of physical search couldn’t fetch him or Janet.

Even TV3 spent time and resources to follow a certain Mallam to Ada, who nearly got drowned while attempting to bring back Castro—-the irony of the gods.

None of these people who spoke with authority as to knowing the whereabout of Castro has been able to bring him back—-a clear capture of our human tendency to accept or believe absolute gibberish as opposed to saying we don’t know or employing our greatest tool, reason.

We didn’t know at the time what had happened to the two and even two years down the line, we cannot for certain say we know but one thing is for sure, they are not alive—-this is the plausible position to take.

I’ve come to learn from all these that several con artists are with pride parading themselves around in Ghana as well vested in the “enigma of the unknown”, a world they claim exists but cannot provide a shred of persuasive evidence for it—-and they continue to make a living on the back of this, because we are somewhat too afraid to opt for the obvious reasonable positions when things are muddy.

Castro was a brilliant musician: I just hope he was happy.

May Castro and Janet Bandu rest in peace…