Vice-President of the Ghana Football Association, George Afriyie

The Vice President of the Ghana Football Association, George Afriyie has declared that running football in Ghana is not compulsory if club owners don’t have the required capital to do so.

This alarming talk has certified the earlier comment of Accra Great Olympics C.E.O Oluboi Comondo for clubs to get off the GPL if they don’t have money.

Mr. Afriyie shared that, if the Ghana Football Association (GFA) is to go strictly by the FIFA club licensing criteria, it would be very difficult to get a club to operate in the league.

Speaking to the media, he said, “The regulation demand that, if a club claims it has a certain amount of money it must be able to show proves that they have that money before they can operate.

“To be more successful, two or more clubs can emerged for a strong cooperation but people cherished the pride of being an owner, is a serious problem and my campaign against this act started longtime ago at a time when I was not the GFA vice President”. He added.

The struggle for sponsorship for the GPL is still a challenge not peeled and this has resulted into threats by some of the participating clubs to quit from the league after 17 round of matches.

First Plus Capital Bank who were the proud sponsor’s quitted in the dying embers of last season creating an empty shell yet to be fulfil. The President admonished that, the fame of being a club owner is not all enough, but the ability to endure the required task.

It is also believed that the FA and other corporates are in the pipeline agreeing terms to sponsor the league next season.