Today is King Sarkodie’s birthday; heaffectionately calls himself King Sark, a Ghanaian rapper who has managed to climb up the slippery pit of hopelessness of his kind without the aid of any social ladder, but his own creative words.Arguably, before the eruption of Sarkodie  Twi rap in Ghana was very much of a local delicacy, restrained by the border of languagesuch that you would atthe time hardly catch a“genuine alien” jamming to Twi rap—-except if that person was Yaa Broni.Today, his creative excellence which lights itself with ease on a good beat has broken the artificial glass ceiling, making him a frontrunner in Ghana’s export of Twi rap to the world.His lyrical dexterity and admirable diction cannot be underminedanytime he’s on a true Hip hop beat, a classicHammer sort of beat.To appreciate the beauty of Sark’s rap, I’ve always argued, youmust focus on its many nuances.He remains a living testimony of a giant jump from ‘grass to grace’, unaided by luckbut hard work and a good understanding ofthe demands of the market.His perspicuousness with Twi rap while addressing relevant yet controversial issues and the thought-provoking strings of his songs seal him in the hearts of most contemporary Ghanaian rap consumers as the greatest, perhaps, a living legend.And it would be contemptuous of anyone to deny him his brilliance tag—-andto marginalise his contribution to the riseand acceptance of Twirap within and outside our borders.He has achieved what many couldn’t even with their Oxford education but that shouldn’t serve as a reasonable measure ofthe importance of education or its immense contribution to our tomorrow.King Sark is one in a thousand, the probability that anyonecan carbon-copy his style and methods andobtain his level of success is highly infinitesimal. That’s why we encourage all to fall on the chip with a good probability of win even if you look upto him.Anyway, as we celebrate Sarkodie’s birthday with him today, I’ve found an answer to the trending social media maze—-I mean where Sark first heard of the word, PROBONO.The attached video answers it for us…Happy Birthday Sark, we are not enemies, I am just a professional truth sayer! And it wouldn’t be new if you hate me, because everybody hates Wenger —for saying the truth all the time.