The famous high-life musician, Ronald KwekuDei Appiah who is popularly known as Bisa Kdei (@Bisa_Kdei) has introduced eye catching Illuminated triangle in his newly released video.

The hip-life musician and VGMA award winner has released video of his newest song “JWE”. He added the Illuminati triangle to attract the attention of audience and it can considered as new innovation in its musical videos.

The video of particular song was directed by famous direction company ‘Sky Face’. The company had added authenticity to video through beautiful scenes which portrays the story lines of the song. Lighting, Choreography and camera work is such inspiring elements of the song.

Although, ever thing seems to be perfectly place in video expect one particular scene. The scene which was a bit confusing when smoking element starts with red, gold, green lights effects and we all can observe Bisa’s image in middle of Illuminati.

As we can say, it may generates new trend in musical videos but few questions are also circling in people’s mind.  Like what was the spirit of flashing that sign and creating the triangular shape? Could it be that this is a publicity act to create buzz for the music video? Or it could mean otherwise?