Asvpblog comes to you with the latest free browsing trick in town, It is free browsing for . I am sure even the owners of will agree with me why people goes to every extent to get free browsing tricks and tweaks, internet data is simply too expensive in Ghana, I must confess that the speed of the internet in the country has increased tremendously in the last couple of years, but affordability still remains a big challenge to all of us.



As an organization that believes sharing is caring, we are bringing to you the latest free browsing 2016 trick. It can be used on smartphones, Mifi, Usb modems etc.

MTN Ghana

Because some of these things are not legal, we are giving a sound warning to people who will later on want to sell the free goodies we are giving here, always remember that sharing is caring. We are sounding a big warning to people who have excuse me to say, loathe big mouths and who can’t keep secrets, in fact my team is working on an algorithm that will forever disconnect loathe big mouths from ever having access to AwanzyTech.

MTN is definitely one of the fastest networks around, I live in the heart of Kumasi, and I have virtually used all the other networks before and MTN stands tall among most of them, it is also the most expensive  network as well. Once upon a time, they are currently offering an unlimited package which comes at a huge cost of GHC 150 per month.

Now, back to business, and by that, let’s go back to the


MTN free browsing


A registered MTN SIM card with at least a balance of GHC 1.60 as airtime balance.

A working Mobile phone.

Instructions :

Kindly insert your registered MTN SIM card into your mobile phone.

Switch on your phone, go to the dial menu and

Dial *140# and press the call button or green button. I repeat,

Dial *140# and press the call button or green button

After some few seconds, another menu shows up , saying ‘ Please select your BB Package’.

Now select the 3rd option, or simply dial 3 and send in response, this selects the Absolute (BIS) plan.

Now you get deducted GHC 1.60 and in return, you get 2GB of internet data.

Make sure to change your APN name to

Like I said above, the MTN SIM can be used on any internet able device like smartphones, Usb modems, Mifi etc.

There is no limitations as to the page you can visit with the internet data or the files you can download. You visit

and all the fancy social media, news and entertainment outlets.

facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp

You can as well download any movies, music, photos, softwares, stream live football matches, stream youtube and dailymotion videos among other things.

Remember you are doing it at your own risk, as at 3Pm, 1st March 2016, the success rate was 85%.

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