Esther Dapaah a twenty-six (26) year old sex worker in the Eastern Regional capital, Koforidua has given an account of what made her join prostitution and how she is willing to stop.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Brytfm reporter, Joseph Asare Agyabeng, Ms. Dapaah gave a detailed reason of her tier.

“My journey into prostitution started when I stayed with my grandmother. Because I wasn’t lucky to meet my parents. I was told that my mother died during my delivery and my father also kicked the bucket through a terrible accident”. She revealed.

According to Esther, life hasn’t been easy and fair to her at all. “Living with my aged grandmother wasn’t easy at all. She was very weak and couldn’t do anything to bring money home. We hardly ate thrice a day. The only time you will find us eating even twice is when someone has brought us food. Life was indeed terrible.

As little as I was, I wanted to make it big in life even though my educational background ended at primary three (3).

I would watch women with big glamorous hair and sparkly dresses standing on the street of our house. I had no idea of the business they were doing, but as little as I was I wanted to look just like them.

Esther recounted that “I remember that, one day, I asked my grandmother as to why these ladies always dress only to come and stand on the streets. She then revealed to me that, those ladies I fantasize take off their panties to make money. I was not really surprised because of the way they dress.

Even though I wasn’t a virgin at the age of seventeen (17) having lost to a friend in our area, I thought of it that, it will be necessary to go into the prostitution work in order to put food on the table, and stop waiting from manner from people.

“Gradually, I became the kind of girl who didn’t know how to say “No” if the little boys in our area told me that, they liked me, they could basically have their way with me. I have to be in this business for nine (9) years now. I have made enough money for myself and also acquired two (2) houses both in Koforidua and in Accra respectively”. She lamented.

Asked on whether she has ever thought of getting married and having a family. Esther disclosed that that’s her dream now but she is scared of getting married due to the numerous abortion she has made in her prostitution business.

Esther stressed on how she is willing to stop but she finds it very difficult. “Am willing to stop this ungodly job and set up my own business but am finding it very difficult. Am now addicted to sex that’s why am finding it difficult. A day cannot pass by without me having sex. But I pray God help me to come out from this misery”.

She used the opportunity given her, to advise young ladies not to look at what they are passing through and join a bad company which will lead you into such a deplorable state in life which will make them regret. ||credit-BrytFm||